1.    Basic principles

  • The mission of C.C.S. is to enhance, within its own Organization and towards the most global external context possible, a strong consciousness of the responsibility any business has towards the whole environment it operates within. And this responsibility shall be accomplished not only in terms of economic and financial returns for shareholders, but in more general terms of attention and compliance to any issues coming from the territory, the communities, the human resources, Customers and Suppliers, the Public Institutions the business may have to deal with while pursuing its business targets.
  • The vision of C.C.S. is that the above described mission can be achieved, along with our legitimate business goals, changing the current approach to Corporate Governance. It shall be strongly technol-ogy-based in the sense that any aspect and area of Corporate Governance can be effectively man-aged and integrated with each other by adequate software applications. These shall provide Customers with tools by which they can assess, correct, rearrange and monitor their whole Organization in order to enhance its strategy’s compliance with economic, environmental and social issues related with the Corporate Responsibility Principles.
  • Values in which C.C.S. identifies itself and to which corporate activity is aimed at are:
    • Equality – Company guarantees an equal treatment for everybody. 
    • Impartiality – Company’s personnel are requested their behaviour to be inspired to objectiveness, impartiality, courtesy and attention to the Customer.
    • Continuity – Company guarantees a continuus and regular service, engaging to limit as much as possible possible inefficiency.
    • Participation - Company promotes Customer participation, with the aim of protecting his right to a correct use of the services. To improve such a cooperation, CCS guarantees the Customer’s right to submit suggestions and to make proposals. Another participation means is a continuous relationship with Public Istitutions.
    • Effectiveness and efficiency – Company is committed in improving efficiency and effectiveness levels by adopting the most suitable technological and organizational solutions.

2.    Culture

  • We shall always pursue the greatest success in our activities, without ever forgetting, though, the compatibility and sustainability principles, either human and environmental or social and cultural.
  • In any decisions we take our reference is our experience, but also our actions’ responsibility.
  • The decision we take are those falling within our sphere of competence, but we shall always take care of sharing their reasons with our colleagues and their results with our managers.
  • Our experiences will gain as much value as we will be able to share them with our colleagues so that they can become a common knowledge asset.
  • Our main asset is knowledge: we are aware that it will be our competitive edge only if we care about privacy and originality of the information it is made up with.
  • In competing in our market we shall put in action our values, our knowledge, our skill, our commercial policies, but never unfair, disloyal or illegal behaviours.
  • Information and Communication technology is a huge opportunity for exchange, knowledge, effectiveness; neverthless the global sphere it allow us to operate in involves not only our technical skills, but also our responsibility and professionalism.
  • We are committed in guaranteeing a timely and recursive communication stream towards our stakeholders.
  • Reports, financial statements and any other documents or registrations shall be outlined in a timely, thorough and complete way and in compliancy with current rules, laws and regulations.
  • We respect laws concerning transnational circulation of goods and people.

3.    Environment and Society

  • We are aware of our inadequateness in solving the huge environment protection issues, but we shall never consider such an awareness an alibi not to give our contribution, either as Company or as individuals working in it.
  • Our Company is committed in promoting the 3R’s culture (“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”) either fostering our people in interiorizing it as value on a volunteer basis, or making it a precise choice addressing corporate formal procedures.
  • We are convinced that our true work environment is the territory we operate in: therefore any actions and behaviours of ours shall always be inspired to the greatest respect for environment and to the greatest attention for residing community needs, no matter whether expressed or not.
  • We are all aware that our Company is a great opportunity for the environment in which it operates, but also that, for our Company, the human and environmental context in which we operate is itself the primary source of opportunities. Therefore, in any actions, we shall never forget to share our success with it to contribute to its welfare.

4.    People

  • We are all aware that, for each of us, working in our Company is a big opportunity and that, at the same time, for our Company, each worker is a creator of opportunities: therefore, in any actions and behaviours of ours, we shall put into action the principle that our Company is part of each one’s assets and our success is strictly tied with its success.
  • We are all committed, whatever our position is, in promoting work conditions able to guarantee, always and for everybody, the most of growth and success opportunities.
  • We are convinced that, as in any complex organization, also in our Company, the differences of culture, ideas, skills are an important asset to pursue our success: therefore we are committed in making everybody consider these differences a positive value and never a conflict's or separation's reason.
  • In any of our actions or behaviours and whichever our position is, we shall always be committed in protecting our Company reputation and image.
  • Who joins us will always be able to rely on the greatest protection of moral and material binds deriving from earlier work relationships.
  • We encourage an environment open to the diversity living value to the individual uniqueness.
  • Any relationship with colleagues or Customers shall always be inspired to the respect for each other: therefore for no reason will be tolerate harassment or intimidation.
  • Each one of us shall contribute to make work environment pleasant, safe and not harmful.

5.    Market

  • We only commit to what we can realize and we always realize what we are committed to.
  • We try to establish enduring customer relationships based on the value we provide them with.
  • We require any effort to ourselves in respecting our ethics rules, and we guarantee as much respect for our Customers ethics rules as well.
  • In pursuing full social and environmental compatibility of our strategies, we are always aware that rules, laws, regulations and contracts of the public context we operate in are important and worth any possible effort by ourselves as well.
  • We engage in having goods, services and suppliers selection depending only on quality and effectiveness criteria; whenever possible, their origin in the territory we operate within will be a preference reason.
  • We shall abstain from any business relationship with whoever may produce its goods or services through child of weak abuse.

6.    Ethics

  • Our Company is engaged in a global market: therefore we engage in making our corporate behaviour rules be valid and respected in any current of future context our Company may operate in.
  • For any person or entity who, for any reason and aim, performs work relationships with us, our Com-pany shall engage in guaranteeing the greatest privacy and protection of sensible data; the same engagement will be required to anyone may use our Company’s sensible data.
  • With regard to any external people or entity which, whatever may be the reason and the aim, is entrusted with a job or a supply, our Company shall ensure it to formally declare di be aware of this Code of Business Ethics and to commit in respecting all of its clauses. Any default in signing such a statement will make up an unsurmountable barrier against closing the job order or, should such a contract be already signed and operating, will make up valid reason for the break of the contract it-self.
  • Our relationships with Public Institutions, whichever may be the territory we operate within, shall comply with common ethic rules.
  • In no way we shall tolerate, by our personnel whichever may its position be, incorrect behaviours or illegal rewards offerings to gain job orders or any other business opportunities for our Company.
  • In no way we shall tolerate that any third parties try incorrect behaviours or inappropriate rewards or hospitality proposals offerings to further corporate choices not coherent with our quality, efficiency and transparency principles.
  • As for our information and knowledge assets, we are committed in protecting any kind of information of our Clients or of third parties and in respecting possible intellectual property rights.
  • In our Company any person entitled in taking decisions will be duly bound to keep from any activity, decision, suggestion which might veil, though at a theoretical level, an interest conflict.
  • For any document which, for any aim and reason, deals with reserved and confidential information, appropriate no disclosure agreements shall be drawn up and current related laws will be enforced.

7.    Safety

  • In our Company no profit or success can be pursued to the detriment of the safety of our workers in their workplace. To guarantee what above, our Company will commit adequate resources aimed at stating safety protection rules, taking care to their diffusion to the entire workforce and ensuring training programs able to fully accomplish their target.
  • Whoever work with us deserve maximum protection to their own physical integrity. Our Company shall take any measures able to guarantee such an integrity wither during working time or out of it, if compatible with its authority level.
  • Our Company will do its best for defining, spreading and letting know workplace safety related rules and regulations along with laws and rules settling such a matter. People who work with us, on their side, shall do their best for meticulously comply with such prescriptions, first of all in their own interest.
  • In its organization layout, our Company will provide for a safety guard with adequate technical and professional skills: it shall take in charge any monitoring, tracking, communication activities related with safety and health protection issues.