Business international scenario shows that, more than ever, corporate behaviour is and will grow up being the main topic in the consumer assessment and evaluation of a Company.

But for us at C.C.S. it cannot be only some kind of marketing choice that addresses our behaviours.

We recognize instead that the intimate relationship between profitability, high quality services and our success itself, can be achieved only within a context of responsibility and attention towards the whole environment in which we operate.

And never without the success and the well-being of our human resources.

That is why in C.C.S. we pursue a strict ethical commitment and always try not to waive our principles which are outlined in the Code of Ethics we adopted since the very beginning.

This assures a firm foundation of the ethical and environmental sensibility of our whole organization and the spontaneous sharing of our reference values among all the relevant stakeholders involved in the business and in maintaining a sustainable development approach.

In an overall vision of the above outlined approach, any individual working in the Company, or for any reason involved with its business and management, will surely acknowledge, and adapt him/herself to, the strategic importance of sustainable behavior as essential to the survival and success of the Company.