The mission of CCS arises from our consciousness that more ethics and a heightened sensibility to environment and human community in the business arena would make it a much better place to compete. And the world a much better place to live.

This is why CCS’s mission is to further and support companies in their efforts to put into action the ethical and social responsibility they have towards the whole environment they operate within.
Such a mission shall be pursued through customer-oriented consulting solutions integrating methods and technology for innovating on the traditional approach to Corporate Governance.
Our solutions shall always be aimed at providing Customers with know-how and tools by which they can assess, rearrange and monitor their Organization in order to enhance its strategy’s compliance with economic, environmental and social instances related with the Corporate Responsibility principles.


Our vision is that, pursuing such a mission, CCS will become in the mid term a worldwide acknowledged and respected consulting firm.
This acknowledgement and respect will hopefully come not only out of the uniqueness of our solutions, the financial results or the market share we’ll be able to gain, but rather in terms of the relentless commitment and generous contribution we’ll prove ourselves able to give to companies worldwide fostering their attention and compliance to any responsible conduct solicitation coming from stakeholders, territory, community.