Internal controls for compliance with quality management, environment care, social accountability, occupational health and safety, information security and financial regulations can be complicated to assess and manage.

Furthermore, many enterprises have no link between strategy, risk management and compliance making it difficult to understand the bigger picture of how compliance is tied to the company’s strategy.

On the other side, compliance is an ongoing process, because of the everchanging rules and the changes that may occur in an organization. Compliance consulting can’t be an ongoing cost, though! You shouldn’t be forced to spend money for consultants every time such need shows up. And even experience conflicts or overlapping among different consultants.

"The compliance consulting service we have in mind is something that

ultimately makes you free


from compliance consulting services


Corporate Responsibility is “giving”? Well, we’ll give you our know-how, responsibly, patiently, friendly, completely. And, at the end, you will be able to do by yourself. We will be always ready to assist you if required.

At C.C.S. we bring value to our customers by providing them with consulting and tools that ease and increase their corporate accountability, lower risks as well as related expenses and enhance image and reputation with the stakeholders’ community, while transferring them the know-how and technology requested to manage any future need by themselves, without further needs of consultants.

Our consulting approach puts method and technology, CSR and regulatory compliance, operations and strategy together into a unique, comprehensive and individually tailored project.

The first goal of our business is maximizing customer's return on investment: new technological assets, new know-how, self-sufficiency in tackling future compliance issues, immediate and ongoing cost savings, improvement of the whole organization…

These are not just side effects, but the extra benefits that you will really get. With no extra cost.
Over the years many Clients, in the US and in Europe, trusted this approach and achieved these results.