On Thursday March 27, 2014 the Awards Ceremony of the 2013 Premio Antonio Carosella was held at the Conference Hall of Banca Stabiese, in Castellammare di Stabia. The Ceremony also launched the 2014 Edition.

The 1st Edition were launched on Saturday March 16th, 2013, at the Rita Levi Montalcini Auditorium in Castellammare di Stabia, Naples, Italy.

Many students from High Schools and Universities, enterprises and ONG's joined the iniziative that gathered a large number of young competitors.

The Premio Antonio Carosella counts on the prestigious cooperation of the Federico II University of Naples, the Second University of Naples, the Parthenope University of Naples, the Salerno University and the University of Calabria.

Together with local High Schools, these Istitutions spread thorough information to all the students, fostering the widest participation to the competition.Companies from many industries and ranging from small to global ones confirmed their availability to cooperate with CCS offering internship programs to young students or graduates in order to foster  their approach to job opportunities. Any expenses for attending these internship programs will be funded by CCS.

The Awards are structured into areas, which means either consistent competitor age categories or school/university/job specialization.

For each area, the Premio Antonio Carosella will be acknowledged to young individuals who stand out for their school resume and also and mainly for the social engagement and the aptitude to face cultures, languages and professional environments other than the usual ones.

General criteria

The Premio Antonio Carosella complies with the following criteria:

- Consistency with the stated objective: promote the growth of young people through cultural exchange and/or professional internships about sustainability and social responsibility in Italy and abroad.

- Integration of the sponsoring organisation with qualified partners in order to assure the best results for the beneficiaries through distributing jobs and roles to the most skilled operators.

Contest timing and characteristics

The Premio Antonio Carosella provides for issuing an annual invitation to compete, specific for each area of students.

For the 2014 edition the invitation has been pubished on April 15th, 2014. All students are entitled to compete in the appropriate category.


Several events in Europe and in the United States witness that Companies strongly and persistently demand

- integration betweeen regulatory compliance (operational aspect) and ethical accountability (founding and strategic values of corporate vision);

- availability of tools and methodologies able to dinamically provide users with the measure of the responsible business conduct impact on the business evolution and, more specifically, with the measure of the ROI of each initiative attributable to such conduct;

- capability of the organizational model aimed at assuring a responsible conduct to quickly and effectively adapt to changes of either the organisation scenario or the laws, rules and regulations.

This is the reason why C.C.S. makes its organization, its tools and relations available to students so that they can access a new kind of job profile, the Sustainability Manager who masters Corporate Social Responsibility, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management and last generation software technologies.