Bee! is our proprietary software application. It supports the user in any phase of an audit session and of the overall corporate compliance improvement process.

Through performance monitoring features, Bee! becomes a powerful strategic control tool always on tap for the top management.

Some of Bee!'s most significant features are:

  • Multi-industry database maintained and updated by CCS

The Bee! database is designed such that clients have all of the relevant information necessary to perform any type of audit, regardless of the industry they belong to. By maintaining the database on a daily basis, CCS ensures that its clients can rely on the most up-to-date laws, rules and regulations.

  • Multiple audit sessions for each client and automatic data transfer between different sessions

The user is provided with the chance to transfer unmodified organizational or operational data from a former auditing session to the current one so that they can compare one another..

  • Automatic generation of assessment checklists

Throughout the course of assessing a company, Bee! automatically assigns employees with the appropriate audit checklists focused on their specific operational duties, responsibilities, and position.

  • Fully customizable risk scoring algorithm

Our unique and proprietary risk scoring algorithm is fully customizable in order to meet any specific requirement or calculation demanded by the client.

  • Automatic generation of draft recommendations and corrective actions

Based on the user-defined Risk Appetite (RA- the maximum risk the company is willing to take), the system suggests corrective action plans needed to mitigate the risk in the areas or processes where the risk values are higher than the RA.

  • Multidimensional risk intelligence

This feature highlights the risk factors in organizational areas or business processes that need to be investigated by upper level management. 

  • Strategic Performance Monitoring (SPM) dashboard

From the operational point of view, the Bee! SPM Module integrates the clients' transactional system and the Bee! database, extracting significant audit measures and criteria thus allowing users to investigate and monitor the compliance of operations with the corporate strategy.

  • Interactive web-based features

Allows managers to fill out assessment forms as well as monitor the progress of the designated action plan at any time.