Why invest in a Risk Management and Compliance Model?

Regulatory compliance is enforced by law.

Social accountability compliance is demanded by the ever-growing supplier accreditation policies that most private and public organizations have adopted.

Implementing effective and integrated Risk Management and Compliance Models dramatically decreases the risk of sanctions from the Judicial Authorities.

Expectations of potential clients are becoming more rigid in terms of companies’ adherence to ethical, environmental, and socially-acceptable business practices, regardless of industry or size.

Recent scandals and disasters that, in many cases, received worldwide notoriety, have almost always been the product of lacking Risk Management systems. History has proven that no company can consider itself immune to the risk of catastrophic events resulting from the underestimation of risk.

Moreover, building a new Risk Management and Compliance Model that be effective over time often requires consulting services that are financially expensive and not always measurable in their results, with regards to the engagement of the company and the reliance on external resources and know-how.


Is there a solution?
We believe that the solution does exist and it is an integrated GRC (Governance, Risk management and Compliance) project that:
  . evaluates the company’s strategy in terms of compliance—finding out the main objectives to be pursued;
. analyzes the processes, detecting responsibilities, compliance objectives, and current risk profiles;
. maps the risk pattern and suggests corrective actions, and ultimately monitors their eventual execution;
. monitors the progress of the Key Compliance Indicators in order to measure their alignment to the strategy;
. provides the company with a technology supporting all of the above listed steps, which decreases compliance design and implementation costs as well as the need for external consultants and time consuming low profile activities.

Pragmatically speaking, what advantages are guaranteed by a Risk Management and Compliance Model?
. Continuously supports with updates to the ever changing laws, rules, and regulations;
. Acts as a standard internal control system against accidents and inappropriate behaviors;
. Transitions from several single compliance projects, to a simple and affordable integrated Model;
. Decreases the risk of sanctions and the risk level looming on corporate assets;
. Mitigates the potential risk of litigation from former employees;
. Protects corporate image and reputation.

Why CCS?
With years of compliance consulting experience, CCS has the industry knowledge to undertake nearly any consulting project.In its unique consulting approach, branded The Bee Suite! (where Bee stands for Business environment ethics),
CCS uses a proprietary software known as Bee! in order to design tailor-made solutions for each of our clients, regardless of their size or industry.
The Bee Suite! provides companies with the method and technology to become more socially responsible while decreasing compliance models design and implementation costs.
The Bee Suite! eliminates the need for external consultants and time consuming low profile activities.
Bee! is the heart of our service: it not only focuses on aspects of daily operation, but also develops a Balanced Scorecard dashboard to verify and measure corporate performances versus strategy.
The duration of a project, its cost, and the engagement itself are dramatically decreased, thanks to our software. At the end of a project, we transfer and install Bee! on our clients’ systems.As a result, this increases the compliance level, the project’s ROI, and the worth of the company itself, in terms of new assets, technology, and knowledge.