Why invest in a Risk Management and Compliance Model?


Regulatory compliance is enforced by law.

Social accountability compliance is demanded by the ever-growing supplier accreditation policies that most private and public organizations have adopted.

Implementing effective and integrated Risk Management and Compliance Models dramatically decreases the risk of sanctions from the Judicial Authorities.

The expectation of potential clients is quickly becoming more rigid in terms of companies’ adherence to ethical, environmental, and socially-acceptable business practices , regardless of industry or size.

Recent scandals and disasters that, in many cases, received worldwide notoriety, have almost always been the product of lacking Risk Management systems. History has proven that no company can consider itself immune to the risk of catastrophic events resulting from the underestimation of risk.

Moreover, building a new Risk Management and Compliance Model that is effective and compliant with the relevant rules often requires consulting services that are financially expensive and not always measurable in their results, in regards to the engagement of the company and the reliance on external resources and know-how.