Compliance is a completely general concept: depending on the project’s needs and purposes, it may be expressed according to several more specific application areas.

Therefore we deal with legal, environmental and social or ethical compliance.

Such a framework depends on the different standards, laws, rules and regulations against which the corporate compliance is analyzed and evaluated from time to time.

Besides some important legal compliance references, as the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, other rules are those issued and enforced by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) , etc.

As important are compliance areas addressing the environmental care (ISO 14001 international standard), corporate social responsibility (ISO 26000, SA8000 and AA1000 internationally accepted standards), the healthcare and safety in the workplaces (OSHA regulations) and several others, more specific with regard to their application scope (i.e., ISO 27000 concerning the Information Systems security).

Besides the cross-industry regulations, the Beeg1! database includes industry specific regulatory references. We will give a clear yet partial sample in the Industries section.

But industries are different from each other. And even companies are different, even when they belong to the same industry.

That is why every time our consulting solution is addressed to the single company as an individuality by itself: therefore we do tackle its issues with regard to the relevant regulations, but mainly with regard to its specific needs and requirements.

Now it is worth pointing out that our services define a new organizational Model and provide the client with tools to monitor such a Model.

At CCS, therefore, we DO NOT certify clients with regard to ISO standards or other similar rules.

The certification process just defines a formal Model focused on a single topic, not always integrated with other compliance areas. Ours is instead a comprehensive, essential and integrated Model which redefines the Organization as a whole.


Key Services

  • ERM (enterprise risk management) models

  • Corporate compliance modeling

  • Total quality management,

  • Environmental controls,

  • Social accountability,

  • Occupational health and safety regulations,

  • Information security management,

  • Financial regulations